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Panyaden Sports Day 2015

Panyaden Sports Day 2015

Panyaden celebrated Sports Day 2015 today with a colourful display of flags, games, races, dancing and cheers. From the 50-metres dash to a ‘Crazy Race’ featuring one-handed orange peeling and apple-bobbing, it was a day filled with enthusiasm, high spirits and lots and lots of fun! The colour-coded teams cheered from the sidelines with pre-rehearsed chants in Thai, English and even Xhosa (!) written by students and teachers. The students also made their own team flags and banners as well as pom-poms. Good sportsmanship, teamwork and best effort was evident. Thank you, Kru Noy, Kru Pippa and the Sports Day Committee, it was a great success!

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Panyaden Parents vs Teachers Football Match

Panyaden School teachers and parents football teams

Panyaden parents and teachers came together yesterday to play another game on our school field. This time it was the turn of the parents to impress, going 3-0 up in the first 15 minutes. The teachers pulled 2 back, only to finally lose 4-2. Congratulations parents and see you at the next game!

Panyaden teachers' football team Football match at Panyaden School soccer field

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Holistic Development

Teachers’ workshop on Buddhist wisdom education

Panyaden teachers' woshop with Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro kindly offered advice and guidance to teachers during a discussion on Buddhist wisdom education. The workshop specifically focused on ‘Bhavana Sii,’ or the Four Areas of Development, and how children at Panyaden learn according to this framework. The four bhavana are: the child’s relationship to the physical/material world, the development of morals and the social environment, the development of the emotions and the development of the intellect. The Buddhist approach is that for a child to reach his or her full potential these faculties should be developed holistically.

Animal lovers!

Panyaden Prathom students with puppy at Santisook Dog & Cat Rescue

Prathom 1 homeroom teacher, Kru Heather, School Director, Kru Neil and students from P1-6 today took the donations from our New Year appeal to Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue centre. Parents and teachers kindly donated dog and cat food, medicine and blankets plus 11,400 baht in cash, while students auctioned artwork and sold handmade postcards made specially for the appeal. The students who auctioned their paintings also made the trip to present the school’s donations, which were gratefully received by Santisook co-ordinator, Khun Chuanchuen Ratanasen. Thank you everyone for your generosity!

Panyaden Prathom student picks up rescued dog at Santisook Rescued dogs at Santisook Dog & Cat Rescue center, photo by Panyaden School Panyaden team with donations for Santisook Dog & Cat Rescue center, Chiang Mai Cheque for Santisook Dog & Cat Rescue center in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School

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K2 “International Mindedness”

Kindergarten 2 in Thai costume, Panyaden School

Today, Kindergarten 2 learned about Thailand and its ancient costumes. Pailin’s mother volunteered to teach the children how to wear the Thai loincloth (‘Jong Kra Ben’). Then everyone had a fun time playing traditional Thai games. After break, Sydney’s mother brought an array of delicious Thai desserts and taught the children the names. Everyone was excited to see the different sweets and enjoyed sampling them very much! Thank you to both mums for volunteering and supporting our learning at school.

Panyaden mum teachers student how to wear Thai loincloth Panyaden School Kindergarten 2 students dressed in jong kra ben, traditional Thai costume Panyaden mum teaching student about Thai desserts Thai desserts brought by Panyaden mum for Kindergarten 2 class

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Panyaden’s New Building In Progress

Panyaden School's new classroom building in progress

New building underway! Before the New Year break we had only cleared the ground but CLC (Chiangmai Life Construction) have been working hard over the last few weeks and we now have part of the roof structure built and the first wall. Estimated completion date: one day before school opens….at least!!

New classroom building in progress, Panyaden School Chiang Mai Panyaden School's new building underway

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