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Staff Retreat in Chiang Rai

IMG_4099 Panyaden staff with Ajahn Jiew & monks

Panyaden teachers and staff have returned from a 5-day meditation retreat at Venerable Ajahn Jiew’s forest temple in Chiang Rai.

The day started with a wake-up bell at 4.30 am, followed by morning chanting and meditation. We then joined Ajahn Jiew and the resident monks for the early morning alms round to the local village 3 kilometres away, where we were privileged to experience first-hand the generosity of the local community upon which Buddhist monks depend.

Each day we combined daily chores, such as cleaning toilets and sweeping the forest paths, with walking and sitting meditation and a Q&A session with Ajahn Jiew. The day finished with evening chanting and a dhamma talk, candles out at 10 pm! Wat Yen Boon has no electricity, basic facilities and all the wildlife one would expect to see in the woods during the rainy season, so this was a very special opportunity to practice in the real manner of the Thai forest tradition!

We are very grateful for the generosity and metta Ajahn Jiew showed us. Not only did we practice the dhamma under his kind guidance but we also were privileged for the insights into every day temple life that we were provided.

Panyaden teachers and staff join the monks on their morning alms round

Panyaden staff following the monks on their morning alms round Panyaden staff go on morning alms round with the monks

Sitting and walking meditation

IMG_3850 Walking Meditation IMG_4006 Walking Meditation IMG_4034

Daily Dhamma talks and Q&A with Venerable Ajahn Jiew

IMG_4017 Dhamma talk by Ajahn Jiew at Wat Yen Boon, Panyaden School IMG_4018

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Our Creative World

Panyaden Prathom 1 students enjoying their blindfolded sensory walk around the school

Prathom 1 students, Panyaden SchoolPanyaden’s Dance/Drama began a new unit last week entitled ‘Our Creative World’, which focuses on discovering our environment and the creativity it can inspire. Last week our Nursery students began the first of a series of lessons about the weather, beginning with the rain. Playing in the rain means jumping in puddles or getting under a big umbrella when the rain gets too heavy! In another session, our Prathom 1 students led each other on a blindfolded sensory walk to discover the sound, taste, touch and smell of the environment around our school. Click here for more photos on the blog.


Musical Instruments from Recycled Materials

DSC0064 Giant bamboo flute at Panyaden School Chiang Mai
Giant flute built by recycling leftover bamboo at Panyaden playground.
Dear Parents,

Greetings from Music Room!

We hope you and your children had a good time during the break. After the break, Kru Fon and Kru Tee will start the second music unit which is about building musical instruments from natural and recycled materials for children to use – instruments that are simple to play, safe, almost unbreakable and which sound great. To make this project more fun, we need various sizes and materials of recycled items for the students to create their own musical instruments. If you have any recycled materials, unwanted household stuff or kitchenware, please donate them to us.

Please kindly find the list of materials below that would be a great resource for building our musical instruments:

  • Stainless steel and aluminium bowls – various sizes
  • Stainless steel and aluminium pot lids – various sizes
  • Various strikers (plastic mixing spoons or bamboo or plastic chopsticks)
  • Short lengths of garden hose
  • Plastic drink bottles
  • Spray bottles
  • Random lengths of 90mm PVC stormwater pipe
  • Random sizes of PVC pipe
  • Any plastic container or small bucket
  • Expired light bulbs
  • Random sizes and types of nails/screws
  • Random kitchen ware that make sound
  • Metal stick from car rain wiper

You can leave them with the morning gate supervisor. Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you soon!

Kru Fon and Kru Tee

Separating Waste for Recycling

Kindergarten 1 made this garbage truck themselves to collect waste for recycling, Panyaden School
Our K1 made this garbage truck themselves to collect waste for recycling!

This week, our students from Kindergarten to Prathom have been learning to separate waste into specific recycling bins placed outside their classrooms.

Prathom 4 collect garbage and waste for recycling, Panyaden School
Prathom 4 collect garbage for recycling.

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