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Panyaden’s New Building

New Panyaden School Building for Music & Drama

Music and Drama Classrooms

To accommodate Panyaden’s expanding student population and its needs, Chiangmai Life Construction has been building in the plot next to the school’s rice fields. You may have noticed the earthen walls and bamboo structures growing each day. They will house our new Music and Drama wing for our students to enjoy their performance arts classes in. We are happy to announce that the building will be ready at the start of the next school year.

Panyaden School's new Music & Drama classroom by Chiangmai Life Construction 1 Panyaden School's new Music & Drama classroom by Chiangmai Life Construction 2 "Panyaden

Blossom Market Proceeds To Charity

Neil Amas, Panyaden School Director at Ban Rom Sai orphanage in Chiang Mai

Each year, Panyaden donates the net proceeds from our annual Blossom Market to a chosen charity in Chiang Mai. This time we collected 8,000 baht from parent donations and proceeds for Ban Rom Sai, an orphanage situated close to the school in Nam Phrae district for children who have lost their parents to due AIDS or have contracted HIV from a parent. The organisation provides a family environment in a safe, natural setting for 30 children aged between 2 and 17. Thank you for your generosity and for giving the children a chance.

Today’s Special Treat @Panyaden

IMG_7574 Masters of Panyaden wise habits

Panyaden's 12 Wise Habits soup!The Kung Fu Chef invited all his disciples, the Masters of the 12 wise habits for a party before school closes for the holidays. They each brought their ‘wise ingredient’ to make a special soup.

The students guessed the name of the Masters and the meaning of the habit they represented. Those who answered correctly were invited to add the ingredients into the pan for the Kung Fu Chef to fry up for the soup. A fun way of helping us to remember the wise habits we have learnt during the school year. And we did get a real and tasty Thai herbal Nam Bai Toey soup!

More photos on our Facebook page.


Panyaden School on CNA

Panyaden on Channel News Asia

Panyaden School on Channel News Asia. Photo taken from screen
Channel New Asia’s “City Time Traveller”, Eco-Architect and host, Jason Pomeroy, travels to Chiang Mai to visit Panyaden School in his feature on sustainable structures inspired by nature. Click here to watch the programme.

Fun Celebration of the Year’s Learning

DSC02154 Nursery students perform on Blossom Day, Panyaden School. Photo courtesy of CityNow!

Thump, thump, thump! The booming beat of the traditional Northern Thai sabat chai drum heralded the opening performance of our Blossom Day 2014 concert. K2-3 combined with P3 and P5 to perform the fun and rhythmic Asian and African percussion number that set the tone for the day’s celebration of the year’s learning through song and dance.

The students have taken a lead role in the creation of their performances as well as their stalls in the Blossom Market after the concert. There were lots of colourful costumes, happy music and dances including an adventure story co-written by the P5-6 students with their teachers as well as a musical and Breaking News segment broadcast ‘live’ from Panyaden by P4!

All our students have worked hard to create, rehearse and to take on some new tasks like prop-making, acting, directing as well as writing stories and songs. Today, they stood in front of an appreciative audience made up of their peers, parents and friends who clapped along to the music after each delightful performance. Thank you for an enjoyable day!

Lots more photos on our Facebook page. Photos featured here are from CityNow! More coming up on our blog soon!

DSC02142 Panyaden students performing at Blossom Day. Photo courtesy of CityNow! DSC02153 DSC02178 DSC021512

Students Design Model Rhinos

Nino The Mad Mad Rhino

Panyaden students designing model rhinos
When an organisation helping to save the rhinoceros from extinction came to Chiang Mai a few weeks ago, their creative director, a former Panyaden parent, invited our students to design some model rhinos for their display at Maya Shopping Centre.

Our students took to the task with enthusiasm, as these photos from Nino The Mad Mad Rhino’s Facebook page show.

Model rhinos designed by Panyaden School students  Model rhinos designed by Panyaden School students 2

Blossom Day 2014

End of year celebration of learning

dsc_9567 Panyaden student performance for Blossom Day 2013, Panyaden School

Blossom Day,Friday, 7 March 2014, 9am – 12.30pm

We will be celebrating what our students have been learning over the last 12 months as the 2013-14 school year draws to a close. Our students have been working hard and enthusiastically to learn and practice their different and we are all looking forward to the big day!

There will be traditional dancing from Peru, an adaptation of Peer and the Wolf, singing and dancing from our Nursery students and a student re-creation of a newsroom. We will finish up with our Blossom Day market, with food and handmade products made and sold by our students. Proceeds will go to a Chiang Mai charity.

All our parents, relatives and friends are most welcome!

Master Caga Tells A Story

A school of Jack Mackerel. Photographer Richard Ling ( Taken from Wikipedia Commons.

IMG_1376 Master Caga telling the story of Japanese saba, Panyaden School wise habit session
Master Caga telling the story of the Japanese saba

Master Caga told the children a story about generosity and why Japanese people only eat one side of the saba fish…..

Once upon a time there was a generous fisherman who lived on a small island off Japan. Each day he would share his catch with all of the cats that lived on the island. As he grew older he wasn’t able to row so far and his catch grew smaller and smaller, but still he shared it with the cats. One day an angel, on seeing his generosity, cast a spell so that he would only catch one fish and, disguising herself as a hungry kitten, cried outside his window as he tiredly grilled the fish, thinking it may be his last.

Without hesitation, he gave one side of the fish to the hungry kitten. As he was about to eat the other side himself, he realised the kitten would have nothing to eat the next day, so left it on the table and went to bed. Overnight the angel magically brought the fish back to full size. The old fisherman ate one side and left the other for the kitten. The kitten did not re-appear, however, and the fish grew back to full size. The old man continued to eat this way throughout the rest of his life. And that is why Japanese people only eat one side of saba fish!