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‘Stories People Tell’: Greece

Kindergarten 3 mask play

Our K3 students put on a show today at the assembly hall. They wore self-made masks like those worn by actors in ancient Greek theatre. These masks, along with exaggerated sounds and movements, help to make the audience aware of the emotions of each character. After the play, K3 engaged us in a fun game of ‘Guess our emotion’.

Panyaden Poetry Café

IMG_1397 Panyaden Poetry & Prose Reading

‘Twas a gentle afternoon in a pleasant café setting with freshly-picked flowers on the round tables that Panyaden’s first Poetry And Prose began. Our Prathom 3 to 6 students, teachers and 2 parents read haikus, rhymes and shapely ‘diamante’ they had written themselves or by their favourite poets like William Blake and Judith Wright.

Throughout this school year, P3-6 have been “immersed in poetry and the beauty of language” (Kru Michel), examining rhythms and structures as well as poetic devices like onomatopoeia, personification and sensory imagery. They applied these lessons by writing their own. We share some of their compositions here (more next week, click on image for larger view). Visit the blog’s image gallery for photos of yesterday’s reading.

Jack's poems, Panyaden School
By Jack
Noah's poem, Panyaden School
By Noah
IMG_6526 Matthieu's poems, Panyaden School
By Matthieu
IMG_6530 Matthew's poems, Panyaden School
By Matthew
By Charli
By Neil Amas
By Aisha
By Aisha

Dutch Architect Visit

Panyaden School Director with Dutch writer and architect

Panyaden School welcomed Dutch professor, architect and author of books on sustainable architecture, Pieter van der Ree who was recently here in Chiang Mai to research and write about our school for his upcoming follow-up book on organic architecture. He interviewed our Director, Neil Amas, for his insights on the school concept and its relationship to the earth-friendly buildings. He also spoke to Co-Founder and builder of our school, Markus Roselieb (Chiangmai Life Construction, CLC) about Panyaden’s unique bamboo and earth architecture. Pieter later went on to tour CLC, a company that builds with organic construction materials.

IMG_6201 Pieter van der Ree, Dutch architect/author/professor at Chiangmai Life Construction IMG_6300 Markus Roselieb of CLC (Chiangmai Life Construction) with Pieter van der Ree, Dutch architect/author/professor

Panyaden Poetry & Prose

Panyaden School logo

Enjoy poetry and the beauty of language

Throughout the year, Prathom 3-6 students have been immersed in poetry and the beauty of language. They have examined the rhythm and structure of poetry as well as many poetic devices including sensory images, alliteration, personification, repetition, as well as similes and metaphors. Throughout their learning, they have also been given time to apply their understanding of the poetic devices by writing their own creative poems. Those poems are now being published so that we can share them with you on one very special evening.

You and your family are invited to join us at: 
Panyaden Poetry Café 
Thursday, February 27th 
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The canteen will be transformed into a café setting where students will be reading aloud some of the poems they have written themselves. We would like to make this a special evening where students and parents come together to enjoy the beauty of language. With that in mind, parents, you also invited to share a favourite poem, by any author, including yourself. You could also read with your child. Refreshments will be served, so please let us know if you will be attending.


Yo 1
Today’s wise habit sketch was about ‘Yoniso-manasikara’ (โยนิโสมนสิการ) or applying the mind skillfully. Master Yo showed us how to use this wise habit in daily life with a story about Timmy, a boy who was too lazy to pack his own bag for a trip and to clean up his room. Master Yo suggested that he used all 12 wise habits to help him finish his chores, which he did to the surprise of his happy mum.

Yoniso-manasikara session, Panyaden SchoolClick here for photos on the blog image gallery.

‘My Project’ Presentations

Jewelry making team, Panyaden School

Our Prathom students were excited today to present their self-directed projects to their parents, teachers and friends. They have spent this term working in teams to plan and craft their ideas and designs. We were treated to a range of projects from an Ant Farm designed for the study of the insect’s habitat to the making of an action movie and various forms of art to a demonstration of the chain reaction caused by falling dominoes along a long track put together by the students.

The P1-6 students shared their thoughts about some of the difficulties they faced (like digging in the hot sun for ants and learning to crochet for the first time), the fun they had along the way working alongside their schoolmates and the wise habits they applied. Well done! As Kru Mark said, we look forward to seeing what new ideas and projects the students will come up with next year.

Art team, Panyaden School Dominos team, Panyaden School Paper Mache team, Panyaden School Ceramic team, Panyaden School Movie Making team, Panyaden School Ant Farm team, Panyaden School Knitting & Crochet team, Panyaden School

‘My Project’ 2014

‘My Project’ presentation by Prathom students

Friday, 21 February 2014

Prathom students working on their self-directed projects, Panyaden School
Our Prathom students have been working hard on their self-directed projects this term which are now just about finished. They are proud of their achievements and would like to invite you to see their work this Friday, 21 February at 3pm in the Assembly Hall.


Some photos of the students working on their projects are here on the blog.

Teacher Retreat at Wat Pah Yen Boon

Panyaden teacher meditation retreat in Chiang Mai

Panyaden teachers spent 4 days at Wat Pah Yen Boon temple near Chiang Rai, practising meditation under the kind guidance of Venerable Ajahn Jiew. The days began with a wake-up bell at 4am, followed by chanting and meditation. Teachers then joined Venerable Jiew on his daily alms round where they could get direct experience of the generosity of local villagers. The day continued with walking and sitting meditation, Q&A, yoga, evening chanting and a dhamma talk.

retreat-19 Panyaden School Chiang Mai retreat-9 Panyaden School Chiang Mai retreat-16, Panyaden School Chiang Mai retreat-24 retreat-27

More photos here on the blog.

Panyaden Sports Day 2014

Panyaden School Sports Day 2014, 28L

What an exhilarating day of fun and games! As School Director, Kru Neil said at the start of our annual Sports Day, the three most important things to remember were to have fun, try your best and follow the rules. We ran races, delicately balanced eggs on spoons, ate bananas with one hand, knocked down targets with tennis balls and even walked on bamboo planks. Our parents and teachers also joined in the fun (some ended up with flour on their faces during the ‘crazy race’!). We had so much fun and laughter….and a few tears of course! But we reminded ourselves that sportsmanship is the golden rule. Win gracefully, lose gracefully!

Panyaden School Sports Day 2014, 7A IMG_5314 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014 IMG_5001 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014Panyaden School Sports Day 2014, 2 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014, 6

IMG_4984 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014 IMG_4946 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014, 28D IMG_5205 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014 Panyaden School Sports Day 2014, 37

Panyaden School Sports Day 2014 photos on the blog:


Planting Trees


DSC_0115 Uncle Kam with Panyaden students, Chiang Mai

A few years ago all the trees had been cut down around here. There was no water, nothing. I had such a heavy heart.” explained 70-something villager, Loong (Uncle) Kam. ”Now we have replanted trees and plants, we have running water and the whole area is being transformed.” Uncle Kam lives in a wood and bamboo house he and his wife built themselves in the middle of the forest, a good few miles from the nearest village. With no electricity, no TV, no car, they live entirely on the food they grow themselves around their house. They are delighted to share what they have with our students who are visiting this re-forestation area north of Chiang Mai. We gratefully eat up the delicious banana, rice and coconut snacks (khao tom mad). Uncle Kam is clearly overjoyed to see the children share his food under the cool shade of his house.

DSC_0126 DSC_0122 Students give thanks for food, Panyaden School DSC_0055 dsc_0016

DSC_0029 Tree planted by Panyaden School Chiang Mai to help reforestation effortsWe have come to the Pur Farm project near Mae Taeng to show our P1 and P2 students the impact of deforestation and how we can rebuild and preserve our precious natural environment. Twenty years ago, there were no trees in this area. Now, there are between 30,000 and 40,000 healthy trees and the villagers now have a cool place to relax as well as better access to clean water. Our students try everything from preparing the soil to planting both seeds and seedlings. We then visit the re-forested area where Uncle Kam lives and here we see from his simple life style and pure generosity what is really important in life. A great reminder of the Wise Habit caga: that true wealth is measured by the extent of one’s ability to share whatever we have.

Thank you to Uncle Kam, the villagers and Khun Dao and the Pur Farm project for teaching us so much!


Photos of the field trip are on the blog and on our Facebook page: