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The Little Bookworm Show

IMG_0489 Nursery students performing on Panyaden School stage, Chiang Mai

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Bilbo the Hobbit, bears, witches and wizards were just some of the stars that appeared on Panyaden School’s stage today. The heavy rain this morning did not dampen the enthusiasm of the audience nor the spirits of the performers. Each class dressed up, enacted stories and sang, making their favourite storybook characters come alive for all. The show ended with P5-6 models walking down the catwalk and appealed to the audience to buy their hand painted T-shirts to raise funds for the school’s Philippines Appeal project to help the typhoon victims. Bravo everyone!

IMG_0527 Student performers, Panyaden School IMG_0569
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Music Performance

DSC_4760 Wu Na, Guqin musician at Panyaden School Chiang Mai. Photo by Martin Martin Vanderk.
Expressive, exquisite and mesmerizing music evoking the sounds and beauty of nature filled the air at Panyaden yesterday afternoon. Our school was happy to host a special one-off performance by award-winning Chinese musician, Wu Na for the Chiang Mai community to enjoy.

Wu Na blends Chinese and western musical disciplines using a Guqin (a seven-stringed ancient Chinese zither) to create an experimental, meditative sound that is her way of communing with nature.

We hope she will be back to perform at our school again!

DSC_4749 Wu Na playing Guqin in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School Some of Panyaden School team with Guqin musician Wu Na

The above photos are by Martin Vanderk. More here on the blog.
Click here for photos of the event by CityNow.

Panyaden Giving Project

Panyaden School Chiang Mai Logo

Panyaden’s Philippines Appeal

December 4‐December 15

As part of Panyaden’s Giving Project, we want to extend our helping hands to those who have been affected by the devastating typhoon that swept through the Philippines. We will be launching a Philippines Appeal beginning Dec 4 and lasting two weeks. Students will be asked to bring in donations to their classes and will host after‐school activities to raise awareness and funds.

By working together, we want students, parents, and teachers to cultivate the wise habits Caga (generosity), delighting in unconditional giving, sharing or relinquishing and Metta‐Karuna (kindness and compassion). As Venerable Jayasaro notes, “few things enhance the sense of connection between family members as group acts of generosity.” We also want to emphasize the importance of being environmentally mindful and the need to collectively protect our earth.

Learn more about the upcoming Philippines Appeal from our P5-6 student ambassadors at the Friends of Panyaden Flea market on Friday 29 Nov (from 3.30pm – 6.00pm)!

Who will send our funds to the Philippines?

Our fundraising efforts will support the work of the UK‐based organization DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee). We have selected the DEC based on its successful track record in aid distribution, direct contact with NGOs that work on the ground and long‐term commitment to the relief effort.

For more information:‐typhoon‐appeal


Buddy Reading

Buddy Reading, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Our Buddy Reading activity saw older students read to their little friends. A wonderful way for our older children to learn care and responsibility – and practise their storytelling skills – and a very exciting moment for the little ones to hear a story from an older ‘brother’ or ‘sister’. So sweet!

Storytime 16 1472894_1399014250337867_4551884_n image_26 image_23 Storytime 13

More photos here:

Special Show

Meditation Music Performance

Wu Na

We would like to invite you to enjoy a rare, one-off musical performance by award-winning Chinese musician Wu Na.

Wu Na merges Chinese and western musical disciplines using a Guqin (a seven-stringed ancient Chinese zither) to create an experimental, meditative sound. She is the first musician in China to receive a Master’s degree in Guqin performance.
Date: Thursday 28 November 2013
Time: 3.30 to 4.15pm
Venue: Panyaden Assembly Hall
More Information On Wu Na:

Invitation from Neil Amas, director to special event at Panyaden

Panyaden Reading Week

dsc_0987 Panyaden students and teacher reading in school assembly hall

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss, ‘I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!’

We kicked off our Reading Week today with an entertaining skit based on a well-loved fable, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ performed by our teachers in Thai and English. Then we each picked up a book laid out in the assembly hall by librarian Kru Ou for thirty minutes of quiet reading. This is part of our Drop Everything and Read programme (D.E.A.R.) that helps our students cultivate the good habit of reading a little each day. Upon finishing a book, our children will write its title on a heart-shaped leaf (like that of the bodhi tree) and hang it on The Reading Tree.

dsc_0883a Stage play by teachers, Panyaden School Reading Week dsc_0894 Students watch play with rapt attention, Panyaden School

There will be lots of educational activities throughout the week like storytelling sessions and performances based on books as well as a visit to the CMU Book Fair. Join us in encouraging our children to enjoy reading and learning more every day.

Parents are invited to visit the ‘Book 53’ book fair to be held at the Parents’ Sala on Wednesday and Thursday between 1-5pm. We would also like to invite parents to come and read a favourite story to their child’s class one day during the week. If you would like to volunteer, please contact your homeroom teacher to arrange a convenient time.

dsc_0787 dsc_0961 dsc_0998 dsc_0928

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‘Caga’ (Being Generous)

Kindergarten 3 students acting out a skit about typhoon tragedy in The Philippines, Panyaden School
This morning, our K3 students raised awareness in the school about the tragedy of the typhoon that devastated the Philippines and left people without homes, food or drink. In their skit they asked their friends to imagine what it must be like to have no shelter, food, water or family. We will be doing fundraising activities raising over the next couple of weeks to show the importance of compassion and giving to people in need.

Ajahn Jayasaro visits Panyaden by Kru Timber

Prathom 5-6 take care of Taan Ajahn Jayasaro


My students were in charge of taking care of our spiritual leader, Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro yesterday at school. They helped lead morning assembly and chanting, offered him food and then gave him a tour around our school campus. I am very proud of them.

Prathom student presents food to Ajahn Jayasaro Prathom 5-6 tour Panyaden campus with Ajahn Jayasaro 1 prathom-5-6-tour-panyaden-campus-with-ajahn-jayasaro-5 1402017_10152087246616979_981487475_o 1479478_10152087246651979_1779783929_n

More photos of the tour here. Other photos of Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro’s visit on the blog:
1. Wise Habits Presentation by students
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