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Visakha Bucha Day at Panyaden

dsc_2423 Main Buddha image, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Students and staff marked tomorrow’s Visakha Bucha Day at Panyaden today with a presentation by our P4 class who told us that this special day honours the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. Our guest, Phra Palad Sunthorn Tee-Pa-Go from Wat Thao Kham Wang talked about the significance of Visakha Bucha Day then led the school on a traditional wien tien ceremony.

Holding flowers, candles and incense we quietly walked clockwise three times around our Buddha Sala, before laying down our offerings at the foot of the school’s Buddha image.

dsc_2270 dsc_2289 dsc_2368

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Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro visits

dsc_2080a Ajahn Jayasaro talking to Panyaden students in Chiang Mai

Today Panyaden School welcomed all parents and friends who joined us for the Dhamma talk by our spiritual advisor, the Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro who spoke about the principles of Buddhist education. The session was a good opportunity for our new parents to ask Ajahn Jayasaro questions and better understand our school’s educational approach. 

dsc_2096 Dhamma talk for parents, Panyaden School Chiang Mai dsc_2027 Students with Ajahn Jayasaro at Panyaden School Chiang Mai img_0046

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Orientation Day for New Parents

IMG_0237 Panyaden staff welcoming new parents to the bilingual school in Chiang Mai

Panyaden welcomed all new parents and their children to our school yesterday with an orientation session led by our Founder, School Director and Head Teachers. Other staff, teachers as well as committee members of Friends of Panyaden (FoP) were also on hand to answer questions and acquaint the new parents with our school practices and policy. We look forward to the start of the next school year with our new schoolmates on Tuesday!

IMG_0318 New parenst at Panyaden School Orientation Day IMG_0289 Head teachers of Panyaden School addressing new parents on Orientation Day IMG_0298 Friends of Panyaden at Panyaden School Orientation Day

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Dhamma Talk 15 May 2013


Panyaden School’s Spiritual Advisor, the Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro will be giving a Dhamma talk in Thai and English on 15 May (2pm – 3.15pm). More details soon here on the blog and on Facebook. All are welcome!

Please call or email us to reserve a seat in advance to limited space. Contact: Kru Boy ( or tel: 0800785115.

Teacher Training – Panyaden Approach and Policy

Teacher's Training at Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Our last training session before the start of term focused on school policy and approach. We quizzed each other on key school rules and procedures and made presentations on
the Wise Habits in order to integrate our new teachers and encourage a common and consistent understanding of
doing things the Panyaden way!

image_2 Teachers during training at Panyaden School Chiang Mai image_3 Panyaden School Director Neil Amas conducting teacher training image_13 Neil Amas, Panyaden School Director training teachers

Panyaden Classroom Management Training

Panyaden School Chiang Mai teachers undergo training on how to motivate students

Panyaden teachers spent today training about classroom management. We reflected on the most effective ways to motivate students, to prevent disruptive behaviours before they occur and to deal with them when they do arise. Facilitated by Kru Jessica, Kru Pond and Kru Neil we learned fun activities that help students deal with their own emotions and how to react with love and empathy when there is a student conflict.

Classroom management training for Panyaden teachers  photo 3

Preparing For New School Year

Panyaden School Chiang Mai teachers preparing and training for new school year

Panyaden teachers have been busy during the summer break preparing and planning for the new school year. We have a training programme to help strengthen the areas we want to improve next year.

Maths and science specialists Kru Ota and Kru Mark had our Prathom homeroom teachers present hands-on science experiments to each other in order to practice science teaching methods for the upcoming year.