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Welcome Back

Neil Amas, Panyaden School Director shares his thoughts on ‘Good Friends’ in his welcome address to our students.

“We have many new friends joining us today and I am sure you will make them feel very welcome. Today and for the rest of this term I want you all to be good friends to our new students and to each other. Can you tell me how you can be a good friend?”

(Students raise their hands and answer: ”Play with them”, ”Talk to them”, “If they are new, we should show them around the school”, “Be kind to them”. And one K2 student calls out with a big smile: “Don’t hit them!”)

“Yes, a good friend is someone we are kind to and who we help when they need our help. When they are feeling sad, we help them to feel happy and when they are having bad thoughts, we help them to have good thoughts. The important thing is that we always want the best for them.”

First day of term 2 photos by Ally Taylor are on our image gallery

Panyaden Wise Habits: Sati

Mindful Eating

It is difficult to stay silent and focus on nothing else but what we are doing at the present moment. Nevertheless, this is what Panyaden School students did to practise Sati (mindfulness) in term 1. They tried ‘mindful eating’ in total silence. A great way to calm and focus the mind!

Made-In-Panyaden Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Alert at Panyaden School!


Charli - “Thai-long-o-saur is 21 kids tall, has 3 legs, and can fly.”


“Thai-long-o-saur is 21 kids tall, has 3 legs, and can fly.”


“My dinosaur is called Car-a-saur-us because it has wheels. It can jump across the universe.”


“Gigantarex is 90,000 kilometers tall and has google intelligence.




Nalin and Noonah

“Rainbow Dash is an omnivore, can breathe underwater, and weighs one ton.”

Term 1: Recycled Art

Making art out of re-usable waste at Panyaden School

Panyaden’s Prathom 4-5-6 have been putting everyday garbage to artistic use in term 1. Life Skills teacher Kru Yuzu and Art teacher Kru Or, who have been presenting the importance of recycling and re-using all term, led students to the recycle/re-use room for art materials. The students made mixed-recycled art works. Some had function, like a chair. Others were robots, cars, and a castle.

The children learned about the properties of different materials and had to find innovative ways for putting their final product together. “We are not just keeping things out of the trash, we’re making art,” Jack said.

Looking through re-usable materials, Panyaden student
Looking through re-usable materials, Jessi got right to work making her chair but had to rethink her materials.
Robot made of recycled materials by Panyaden student
Jack made his robot out of used cups and a biscuit tin.

Career Opportunity: Performing Arts Teacher

Performing Arts Teacher (Music, Dance and Drama)

Panyaden School’s philosophy is based on Buddhist principles integrated with a modern curriculum, resulting in a holistic education. Our goal is that students who pass Prathom 6 (Year 7) will not only have internationally competitive reading, writing, mathematics and science skills, but are also equipped with skills and knowledge for sustainable living, such as how to grow rice, repair clothes, use essential tools and understand the importance of social responsibility.

Core principles:

  • Inner peace and wisdom through a Buddhist approach
  • Self-sufficient individuals through the application of common sense and traditional knowledge
  • Environmentally mindful practices
  • Independent and creative personalities through holistic principles
  • Academically competitive through a modern bilingual curriculum

We are currently hiring a Performing Arts Teacher. He/she will perform the following duties:

  • Organise the classroom and learning resources to create a positive learning environment;
  • Maintain discipline:
  • Develop and implement lesson plans and classroom activities that cater for the needs of the whole ability range within the class;
  • Implement the Thai curriculum
  • Organise class and school-wide performances;
  • Create and develop activities that engage students outside of regular curriculum (eg. lunchtime choir, drama club);
  • Meet requirements for assessment and recording of students’ development;
  • Provide feedback to parents on students’ progress
  • Taking part in staff meetings, school events and activities which may take place at weekends or in the evening.

Qualifications: Minimum Requirements / Knowledge / Skills

  • Native Thai speaker with ability to communicate in English;
  • Knowledge in Thai dance, and music/music appreciation and preferably drama;
  • The skills required to manage students;
  • Ability to create performing arts programmes and activities that include the entire student body;
  • Ability to work with classroom teachers and other specialist to set up performances;
  • Excellent organisational skills;
  • Initiative;
  • Flexibility;
  • Comfortable working in a bilingual, cross-cultural environment;
  • Ability in and commitment to Panyaden’s 12 Wise Habits (see our blog post).


  • Exemplify and promote values and behaviors in line with Panyaden’s vision and principles, including our 12 Wise Habits;
  • Undertake other duties as required by the post;
  • Improve your chances of getting hired with an internationally recognized 40 hour TEFL certificate.

More information:

  • Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Compensation: Contact us at for details
  • Principals only, no recruiters please
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact us about other services, products or commercial interests.

Thought of the Day

“This mind of ours is naturally peaceful. It’s still and calm like a leaf that is not being blown about by the wind. But if the wind blows it flutters. It does that because of the wind. And so with the mind it’s because of our moods and getting caught up with thoughts.”

– Venerable  Ajahn Chah in the ‘Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah’, available in the Panyaden International School Library.