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Visakha Bucha Day

Panyaden Commemorates Visakha Bucha Day on 1 June

Panyaden School's main Buddha image on the school campus

Visakha Bucha Day (วันวิสาขบูชา) is the most sacred occasion for Buddhists. It marks three important events in Buddha’s life which are his birth, enlightenment and his passing which take place on the full moon of the sixth lunar month. This year, it will be officially celebrated on the 4th of June. Thais also observe the day as National Tree Day by planting trees around the country.

Panyaden School will begin the commemoration at 8.00am by offering food to monks at the playground before we do the ‘wien tien’ (‘เวียนเทียน’), walking around our Phra (Buddha image) Sala 3 times with candles and flowers in hand to honour the Buddha.

Panyaden School founder offering food to monks in Chiang Mai    Teachers and students of Panyaden School offering alms to Chiang Mai Buddhist monks

Student Art

Student paintings of Panyaden School and field trips

Student art displayed at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai

Art is a wonderful way of expressing ourselves and of preserving memories. Our Prathom students created the following artwork after various fun field trips around Chiang Mai during summer school. Here are some of their paintings for your enjoyment.

Air Force 41 by Artist: Nong Pom
Panyaden by Artist: Nong Jazzy
Waterfall by Artist: Nong Sila
Drawing of Chiang Mai Night Safari by Panyaden School student
Night Safari by Artist Nong Ty
Panyaden School's student art impression of a hot spring
Hot Spring by Artist: Nong Dao
Drawing of Doi Inthanon Waterfall by Panyaden School primary student
Doi Inthanon Waterfall by Artist: Nong Lily

Recycling And Re-Using

Eco-school in action

Panyaden School, green school in Chiang Mai, recycles and re-uses waste

Every Friday, Panyaden School’s Life Skills teacher, Kru Yuzu leads our students in ‘Tidy Up’ sessions after morning assembly. The objective behind ‘Tidy Up Friday’ is to encourage our children to care for their environment by helping to clean up their classrooms and school grounds; to re-use and recycle in order to reduce all waste including dried leaves and broken twigs.

Each class and office has bins clearly marked for recycling and re-using. The students, teachers and staff separate their general waste into these bins that will be collected every Friday. This good habit is a big part of our school’s green practice.

Kru Yuzu with her students

Kru Yuzu says that all reusable materials go to the newly set-up storage area where they can be re-utilized and made into “new creations at school” (for example, used plastic bottles can be cut, painted and fashioned into vases and flowers; paper used on one side can be re-used) while other accumulated waste will go to the municipal recycling facility.

Since the start of the new school year last week, all our students from the little ones in nursery to Prathom classes, have been diligently picking up leaves and twigs on our campus each Friday. Today, our gardener, Khun Fon, showed our P4 students how this organic waste can be composted and made into fertilizer for planting. Composting is a technique used to accelerate the natural decay process. The technique converts organic wastes to a mulch, which is used to fertilize and condition soil. See footnote below photos for Khun Fon’s special homemade compost recipe.


Panyaden School students chip in to help clean school grounds as part of the school's eco-friendly practice  Expat student of Panyaden, bilingual schoool in Chiang Mai, taking part in cleaning up school campus  Dry ingredients for making organic compost at Panyaden School, green school in Chiang Mai  Panyaden School garden mixing ingredients for organic compost - part of our school's eco-friendly practice  Panyaden School gardener adding liquid mixture to leaves for composting - an eco-friendly practice at Panyaden School

Ingredients for organic compost –
  1. Mixture of beneficial microorganisms from bamboo, rice husks, and cow manure, rice wash, and sugar, which helps the decomposition of the dried leaves and to add nitrogen to the soil 
  2. Fermented milk + rice wash to add calcium
  3. Egg shells + rice wash to add calcium
  4. Chicken bones + rice water to add potassium
  5. Fish intestine + sugar to add protein. 

Welcome Note From Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas

Welcome to our new school year 2012

Welcome to the second ever year of Panyaden School Chiang Mai!

We are now in our second week and things are going pretty well. There were a few tears in the first week from our little ones but these are beginning to fade away as they integrate into their new surroundings.

We have almost doubled the number of students we had this time last, so we have a livelier school and a number of new teachers, which is great. However our class sizes remain small, which is wonderful for the children. Our student population is really mixed, literally about 50/50 English and Thai first language speakers, so we are very much a bilingual school, both in the classroom and in the playground which is where our students really learn to speak two languages. We spent the hot Chiang Mai summer break training and planning the curriculum so we are raring to go!

We are always trying to improve our school. Specifically, we are looking to tackle some of the common concerns of parents last year.  A number of parents who find it difficult to pick up their children at the regular times have asked if we can provide daily after school care, so we will offer an after school care service this term each day until 4.45pm. Many parents came to us with concerns about lost belongings last year, so we have asked our teachers to pay particular attention to this issue this term and our parents to make sure they label all of their child’s belongings. Paint on clothes has been another common complaint so we changed the school uniform for a darker colour and have asked all out students to bring in a painting shirt and our Art teacher to keep the Art room tidy!  No doubt there will more problems to fix this year and we look forward to working together to solve them.

We  are all looking forward to our second ever school year.

Panyaden School morning assembly Native English speaking teacher with mixed group of students at Panyaden, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Panyaden School's expat students in class. We are a Thai-Eng bilingual international school in Chiang Mai.

First Day of Second School Year

Busy first day at Panyaden School

Flag raising at Chiang Mai's bilingual Panyaden School's first day of second school year

Panyaden School's Thai and foreign students during morning assembyWe had a busy first day of school as students new and old came together for the first day of the first term of our second ever school year. There were tears and hugs (from parents as well as students!) as brave new pre-schoolers ventured into unfamiliar classrooms. And smiles and chatter from returning students who met up with their friends after the 2-month break. Assembly was a lot fuller than usual as we have almost doubled our student numbers this year. Our School Director reminded our old students of their responsibilities to make their new friends feel welcome and at home. And by the end of the first day, we were all settling in (well, most of us!) and getting to know each other.

Chiang Mai's environmentally friendly bilingual school, Panyaden School's teachers and staff welcoming students Thai teachers of Panyaden School waving a welcome to new and current students Thai parent with student of Chiang Mai's bilingual school, Panyaden Happy student at Panyaden School playground. Panyaden is a bilingual school in Chiang Mai. Kindergarten student arriving at Panyaden, green bilingual school in Chiang Mai Foreign student of bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School

Parent arriving with students on bilingual Panyaden School's first day of the second school year Foreign teacher with Panyaden School's students, Chiang Mai Cheerful foreign student with fun spectacles at Chiang Mai's bilingual Panyaden School Bilingual students of Panyaden School in Chiang Mai Bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden has a mix of Thai and foreign students

News Coverage: Panyaden School Opening Ceremony

Panyaden School In The News

Panyaden School, Chiang Mai's bilingual and green school official opening ceremony. Photo courtesy of Chiang Mai Mail.
Photo courtesy of Chiang Mai Mail.

Here’s an article on Panyaden School’s official opening with our Buddhist ceremony and enshrinement of relics on 24 April 2012 in Chiang Mai Mail. Includes a paragraph about our bilingual education and unique school concept. Click here for full article and photos by editor, Shana Kongmun.  

Green, bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School - article in Chiang Mai Mail

 Snapshot above taken from Chiang Mai Mail.

Summer School Week 4: Soil

Learning about soil

For the last five weeks, our Summer School students have been learning about different aspects of nature through challenging games, storytelling in addition to other creative activities and fun field trips. Our aim is to open our minds to love and enjoy nature by becoming familiar with its different elements and how they affect our lives and our environment.

Apart from plants, water, light, air, micro-organisms, minerals and others, our children have also learning about soil, one of nature’s most essential living elements. As humble as it may seem, soil is used in many daily activities such as planting and growing as well as in construction (our school is a fine example of this!), mining and so on.

  Adobe walls of Panyaden School. bilingual school in Chiang Mai  Panyaden School students in rammed earth cove of school walls

What do we know about soil? Where does soil come from? What types of soil are best for growing plants? Questions like these are posed to the children who learn the answers by experimenting with art, storytelling and planting activities. On Monday, our children visited the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden where they picked up pebbles, leaves and grass and mixed them with soil before pounding them and putting the different combinations into bottles. Water is added to see which combination can hold the water longest and which is best for growing little plants.

This week, the children will make ceramic animals by combining soil and water. They will also use soil to make moulds for candle and musical instruments as well as houses for small animals (like ants and worms) that make the soil their home.

Photos of our field trips to Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Panyaden Summer School students on field trip to Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden  Panyaden School teacher educating students about soil and plants Panyaden Summer School teacher with mixed group of students on field trip  Panyaden Summer School students learning on field trip  Panyaden Summer School students conversing  Panyaden Summer School student workbook

Panyaden School teacher on field trip with foreign student  Panyaden School teacher with Thai student at museum  Learning about soil and nature - Panyaden Summer School, Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai Award for Our Green School

Architecture and Design Award for Panyaden School

Panyaden School founder receiving award for excellence in architecture & design from Mayor of Chiang Mai
Panyaden School’s founder receiving award from the Mayor of Chiang Mai. Photo courtesy of Chiang Mai Mail.
Today, Panyaden School had the honour of receiving a design award for excellence in architecture and interior design from the committee of Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC). CMCC promotes Chiang Mai as an internationally known city of creativity and innovation such as its interesting and sustainable architectural designs like our school. Thank you to all involved in our campus design and construction (Chiangmai Life Construction and 24h).

Environmentally-friendly Panyaden School's Chiang Mai Creative City Design Award 2012 (Architecture and Design excellence)  Management team of Panyaden School (bilingual green school in Chiang Mai) at Chiang Mai Creative City Design Awards Ceremony  Bilingual school in Chiang Mai - Panyaden School's management team at design award ceremony

Above photos courtesy of Chiang Mai Mail.