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Teacher Training

What have our teachers been doing over summer?

Panyaden School conducts summer training for its teachers Conducting training for our Thai and foreign teachers at Panyaden School Panyaden School teachers in a game to build team spirit

Over the past 3 weeks, Panyaden’s teachers have been undergoing our summer training programme. We are committed to being lifelong learners and acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. During this summer break we have been focusing on a number of areas, identified together with our teachers, where we need to increase knowledge, understanding and skills to benefit our children most. These include

  • Discipline and classroom management
  • Integrating the Thai and IPC curricula  
  • The teachings of Buddha and meditation
  • Working cross-culturally
  • How children learn
  • Communicating with parents
  • School policies and procedures

Panyaden School Official Opening Ceremony

Panyaden student musicians and spiritual advisor, Ajahn Jayasaro leading procession at school's opening ceremony Panyaden School Opening Ceremony Apr 24, 2012 Panyaden's main Buddha image at the school, Chiang Mai Buddhist monk dotting the Panyaden School sign - blessings for the green bilingual school in Chiang Mai

An Auspicious Day

Accompanied by the gentle rhythmic peals of bells and the resonance of a gong being struck along with offerings of food and flowers, Panyaden School’s official opening ceremony began on a movingly dignified note today with a procession to our main Buddha image, Phra Panyanuphap Chaiyamongkol. Our Spiritual Advisor, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro led the bearers of the shrine containing the relics, our guests and staff along the tree-lined path through our campus gate to the Buddha sala.

Panyaden teachers & staff welcoming guests at our school's opening ceremony Honored guests at Panyaden School's opening ceremony Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas, with offering for the school's opening ceremony

Panyaden School Founder and guests at the bilingual school's opening ceremony on 24 April 2012 _DSC4320 Panyadebn International School opening Student and teacher dancers at Panyaden School's opening ceremony and enshrinement of relics

Students, teachers, parents and guests dressed in Lanna costume tossed flowers onto shrine, then the procession was met by a graceful Thai dance from our students who threw pink and red rose petals in the air. We then kneeled while Taan Ajahn Jayasaro enshrined the relics in the hollow lotus crown of Phra Panyanuphap Chaiyamongkol (‘auspicious victory through the power of wisdom’).

More blessings followed as Buddhist clergy from Chiang Mai chanted in the Assembly Hall in celebration of our school’s opening. Victuals and other gifts were also offered to the monks and to some of our senior guests to commemorate this special day in the history of Panyaden.

Dancers tossing rose petals in the air at Panayden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Panyaden School's spiritual advisor, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro, enshrining relics at our Buddha image Chants of blessings by Buddhist clergy at Panyaden School

Panyaden School Founder pouring water for Taan Ajahn Jaysaro (part of food offering ritual at school's official opening day) Panyaden School guest from Hang Dong municipality offereing food to monk at our school's opening ceremony Offering gifts to senior guests at Panyaden School's opening ceremony

During his Dhamma talk that followed, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro kindly commended the efforts of our school founders and staff who “are willing to make the commitment to the Buddhist approach, to go through the difficulties of pioneering something new.” He added that Buddhism is not a system of dogma but “a practical, effective and superior system as it is an education of the whole child based on an accurate and authentic understanding of the human condition.”

Taan Ajahn Jayasaro is a great fan of the school’s architecture to which he refers as the “art of the possible, based on an understanding of the nature of bamboo and earth, the environment and the climate.” Our architecture is “compatible to the practical Buddhist approach to education that is “based on an understanding of the nature of human beings, the relationships between our environment, our bodies and mind.”

After the Dhamma talk, we rounded off our celebrations with our ‘Ton Lam Yai’ market selling popsicles, snacks and handicraft made by our students and teachers. All proceeds went to a children’s charity supported by Somdech Ya. Thank you all for commemorating this special day with us and for your support throughout the year.

Enjoying the market organised by Panyaden School students and teachers Panyaden School market sales for charity Mixed student at Panyaden School's charity market Panyaden School teachers enjoying their snacks at the school's official opening

 More photos by Ally Taylor here.

Opening Ceremony: Preparations for 24 April

Panyaden School preparing for its official opening ceremony on 24 April 2012

It’s all hands on deck as Panyaden rehearses and prepares for our big day tomorrow.

We look forward to celebrating our official opening ceremony with you and your family!

Agenda for 24 Apr 2012

7.30 – 8.30am: Procession and enshrinement ceremony led by our Spiritual Advisor, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro
9.00 – 9.30am: Refreshments at Parents’ Sala
10.00 – 10.45am: Chiang Mai Buddhist clergy chanting to celebrate the school opening
12.00 – 1.00pm: Dhamma talk at Assembly Hall by Phra Ajahn Jayasaro
1.30 – 3.30pm: Panyaden Market, selling food and art and crafts made by teachers and students



Summer School Week 3

Let’s Rock!

Rocks and minerals can be fun to learn about through exploratory games and activities like scavenger hunts and grinding them down to create art and craft projects. Our focus for Panyaden’s Summer School week 3 is on the importance of these natural elements that make up the earth’s crust and mantle. Children are naturally curious and love going on field trips, making things with their hands and learning through creative activities. They get excited when they can see, touch and smell different textures, colours and shapes. This week, they get to play geologists and rock hunters going around the school campus and at the Obkhan National Park to collect rocks and stones that capture their imagination.

Panyaden Summer School staff and students having a splashing good time on a field trip I found a big rock! Panyaden student on a field trip to learn about rocks and minerals. Quietly looking for rocks - student on Panyaden Summer School field trip

These specimens are then identified, sorted and categorized by the children according to colours or mineral content, shapes or textures before they present them to their friends and teachers. They talk about where they found the rocks; the mineral content, for example, the red in a rock is a clue that it contains iron; that a smooth one found near a stream may mean that water movement over a period of time has rounded it. All these activities integrate science, geology and art. They aim to encourage children to think logically, to work both individually and in teams, using their skills and creativity to develop a personal awareness, care and love of all of nature’s gifts.

Panyaden Summer School student looking for rocks in a lake Panyaden Summer School: learning about rocks and minerals Panyaden Summer School students categorizing rocks and stones

More photos on Panyaden’s blog image gallery –

TV Interview

Panyaden on h+ Channel

Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas with Thai TV crew

Stay tuned for what our Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas and our Liaison and Operations Manager, Khun Boy, have to share about Panyaden’s unique concept, bilingual educational approach and our green practices on “Change The World”, Health Plus Channel (PSI 90), to be aired in early May.

Khun Chirakit Suwannapaph (Wam). the host of the programme, also talked to Markus Roselieb, our co-Founder and Project Manager of the school construction about the use of environmentally-friendly materials to build our beautiful campus. Check our blog and Facebook page for updates.

Health Plus Channel TV crew interviewing Panyaden School Director and Liaison & Operations Manager Thai TV crew at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai

Summer School Week 2


One of nature’s most important gifts

Fun in the water: Panyaden Summer School students at Opkhan National Park

Summer often brings hot and muggy days; so it was wonderful when our Panyaden teachers taught us about water this week by allowing us to play in it at the Obkhan National Park! Needless to say, we did not need any persuasion to jump into the lake to look for small creatures like fish, crabs and shells using ‘nets’ that we made out of twigs, string and large dried leaves we found near the lake. What fun! We learnt a lot about the need for water to flow properly and not remain static; and although some of us shrieked at the mention of this, the nymphs and larvae of insects such as the mayfly and dragonfly do need good quality water that do not contain midge larvae or red worms in order to live and grow.

Panyaden teacher chaperoning Summer School students Students having fun in the water - Panyaden Summer School Panyaden Summer School student with his hand-made net Panyaden Summer School student with his net Curious students checking out their finds from the water - Panyaden Summer School Panyaden students studying studying insect at Opkhan National Park

Water covers more than 70% of the earth. It is one of nature’s most important gifts to us. All living things from humans to small creatures like insects, fish and crabs require good quality water to survive. But we learnt this week that this quantity of water is limited and keeps going around and around in what is called ‘the water cycle’.

Water cycle chart courtesy of
“Water Cycle” – illustration from

Our teachers showed us this cycle and other qualities and aspects of water through charts and games. We really enjoyed the games especially the human boat we created by sitting down in a circle, putting our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us and swaying like we were moving on water. We even stood outside our classrooms to stare at and observe the clouds to learn about how they are formed when water from plants and trees ‘sweat’ or transpire, then evaporate and condense in the air. We learnt that when the clouds cannot hold the water anymore, they release it and it falls to the earth as rain. Then it soaks into the earth and becomes ground water for animals and plants to live on and drink from. Or it collects into lakes, oceans and ponds where it will eventually evaporate when it is heated by the sun and the cycle starts again.

Panyaden Summer School game Happy students enjoying games at Panyaden Summer School Boy enjoying a swim during field trip, Panyaden Summer School Panyaden School students learning how to make a simple 'net'  Panyaden Summer School students dredging for small sea creatures Treasures from the sea, Panyaden Summer School field trip

Click here for more photos. 

Summer School Week 1

Panyaden Summer School student holding dried leaves

 Hands-on learning experience at the Botanical Garden

The theme for this week’s Panyaden Summer School was ‘Trees’. What better way to study and experience the beauty and usefulness of local and exotic trees than a trip to the aesthetic Northern Thai Literary Botanical Garden preserved in a large expanse of forest at the foothills of Doi Suthep?

Panyaden School teachers leading summer school students along botanic garden trail Panyaden School Thai and foreign students at Botanic Garden, Chiang Mai Panyaden Summer School teacher and students collecting leaves at botanic garden, Chiang Mai Panyaden School Thai student showing off slides of plants botanical-garden-day-2-9

The children were led by our teachers along the Arboretum and other trails at the garden to see and touch these wonders of nature. They were encouraged to feel the textures, to appreciate the many different shapes and colours, and to hear the gentle music created by the rustling leaves. They learnt the names and functions of trees and flora, and how the Botanical Garden plays an important role in conserving these natural resources for environmental, educational and aesthetic purposes.

Panyaden Summer School student blowing horn he fashioned out of a leafEveryone had fun collecting interesting branches and leaves of different shapes and sizes as we explored the trails. These were later pressed and used to build unusual houses and cities. Throughout the week, the children immersed themselves in creative activities like drawing and painting the shapes of leaves and flowers, making cards and hanging mobiles and talking about the art they have made with these elements.

Through these fun activities, our students learnt that trees provide materials for creative activities as well as shade, beauty and oxygen. Their bark, fruits and leaves can also be sources of food, drink and colour. Hence the children also spent the week making juices from fruits and dyes from the leaves of various trees – all part of our hands-on learning experience about nature and the environment at Panyaden’s Summer School.

 Panyaden Summer School students learning at the botanic gardens Panyaden Summer School teachers and students ready to make art with leaves Panyaden School teacher working on art piece with Summer School student Panyaden School summer school students planting at the botanic garden

 More week 1 photos on Panyaden’s blog:



Summer School 2012

Fun with Trees!

 Panyaden School summer school student up on a tree  International student at Panyaden Summer School 2012

Trees play an important part in our lives. They give us paper, wood, fruit and medicine. They beautify our gardens and absorb carbon dioxide from our environment whilst giving off oxygen essential for our survival and good health. And so trees were the main focus on our first day of Summer School at Panyaden whose theme this year is ‘Our Environment, Our Future’.

Children at Panyaden School Summer School summer-school-2012-day-1-1 Fun and games at Panyaden Summer School summer-school-2012-day-1-4 Panyaden School teacher working with child during summer school Insects made by students attending summer school at Panyaden, bilingual school in Chiang Mai

The day started with icebreaker games, singing and dancing organised by our teachers from Panyaden and Rabbit In The Moon Foundation to welcome our summer school students. After some fun getting-to-know-you games, our students proceeded outdoors for a nature walk around the school campus to learn more about the importance of trees. During the walk, they picked up leaves and seeds dropped from fruit trees. Armed with these treasures, our children went back to the classrooms and created new and existing species of insects with the seeds. They then drew and cut out shapes of animals after which they stuck on colourful leaves. The objective was to let the children experience not only the importance of trees in our environment but to find creative ways of expressing their usefulness and beauty through art and play.

Stay tuned for more blog updates on summer school activities in the coming weeks! If you wish to enrol your child for this summer school, please contact Khun Boy on mobile: 0800 785 115 (English and Thai) or email him at