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Career Opportunities

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Native English Teacher

We are looking for an additional native English teacher for our expanding Nursery and Kindergarten 1 group. Main duties are to plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate homeroom activities for a group of 2-3 year olds.

We are looking for people who have experience working with pre-school children, comfortable working in a bi-lingual/cultural environment and hold a teaching qualification. Importantly, candidates should be resourceful, flexible and committed to the school’s values and educational approach.

Please send a personal statement and your CV to us at or call 053 426 618 for more information.

Yoga Mala Festival

Panyaden School

will be organizing fun activities for children at the Yoga Mala Festival on 17 and 18 Sept, 2011.



The festival will be held at The Spa Resort in Maerim (Mae Ann Village). Free transport from Tha Pae Gate.
Yoga Mala Entry fee: Adults 300 baht (one day); 500 baht (both days); FREE for children. The organizers will be donating all proceeds to Children’s Shelter Home.
Do join us!



A Short Story

The Adventures of Mr Snake and His Little Friends

Once upon a time, there lived a long, soft brown toy called Mr Snake. He lived in the large toy box belonging to the Nursery and K1 Class in Panyaden School. Every day, the children would take him out to play. They loved to stretch out his long body or to curl him around their necks. He was their favourite toy snake.

One afternoon, Kru Stuart came into the class and asked, “How would you like to take a walk outside to watch the farmers planting rice?” All the children raised their hands and eagerly answered, “Yes!” Kru Stuart said that they could bring Mr Snake along. And that was how Mr Snake found himself out on a short excursion with the children and their teachers.

Off they went to the green rice paddies that lay in the fields across the school compound. Along the way, the children held Mr Snake and sang songs about ants, trees or anything fun that came to mind. Everyone, including Mr Snake, was happy to be outdoors (even though the day was a little cloudy).

Every now and then, the teachers would point out and talk about the tall bamboo trees and colourful flowers that lined the path to the rice fields. Or a child would stop; fascinated by a snail or the sounds of pigs snorting and hens clucking close by. Finally, they came upon a wooden bridge spanning over a gushing canal, which led to the rice paddies. The teachers carried or walked the little ones across. Mr Snake was curled around Kru Jib’s neck and had an easy time crossing the bridge.

At the rice fields, the children greeted the farmers who waved back smiling. Gathering along the grassy ridge of the field, Mr Snake and the students watched the farmers as they went about their work. They learned that the name of the rice plant in Thai is called ‘Pak Khaw’.

Soon, it was time to make their way back to the school. Everyone thanked the farmers and returned to the school for refreshments. Mr Snake was put back into the box to rest. He was tired but looked forward to more adventures with his little friends.

The end.

Planting Rice

In Thailand, rice is the staple diet, served across the nation at home, in restaurants and schools. Our K2 and K3 have been following the food chain back from table to field by learning how rice grows. Kru Jeab and Kru Fon, our K2 and K3 Home Room teachers, helped our students plant this crop on our very own little rice paddy plot.

It was fun wading in the ankle-deep water and trying to root the seedlings into the ground. But it was not easy bending down for long and we thought about how tiring it must be for farmers who do this every day. Do you remember the song “Planting Rice Is Never Fun”? Here are the lyrics:

Planting rice is never fun,
Bending over ’til the set of sun.

Cannot sit, cannot stand,
Plant the seedlings all by hand.*

Well, we hope that our hard work will pay off and our little seedlings will soon grow into strong rice plants. Our students learned that we will then drain out the water to allow the grains to mature before harvesting them. It will take a lot of patience to wait for this but we will try!

*Filipino song

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