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Wai Kru Day

Thank You Teachers!

Today is Wai Kru Day or Teacher Appreciation Day. We sang to our teachers and offered them paan (traditional pedestal-style Thai bowls) decorated with lovely flowers.

Kru Neil asked us to spend 2 minutes thinking about, and thanking the teachers in our daily lives (mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, the uncles and aunties who cook and clean for us at school and so on). Then Kru Michel asked our students to appreciate their own efforts at working together in class every day, by wanting to learn, by keeping the school tidy!

Sometimes it is difficult to say what we feel but we hope that the flowers we gave our teachers will express our respect and promises to them:

Dok Ma, มะเขือ or Eggplant, which gently bow when bearing fruit: We show our respect and humility to all who have something to teach us.

(Photo from

Dok Khem, เข็ม or Ixora: We will keep our minds sharp and keen always.

(Photo from

Dok Ya Phraek, หญ้าแพรก, Bermuda Grass: We will learn, grow and persevere at school and at home like this grass.

(Photo from Bermuda_grass.)

Khao Tok, ข้าวตอก or Popped Rice: We will be disciplined and grow together as a team.

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Panyaden children learning about Green Mindfulness

As part of teaching our children to take responsibility for their school environment in terms of green mindfulness, we have started Tidy Up sessions each day after morning assembly. Children are encouraged to pick up fallen leaves, tidy paths and put any litter they find in waste bins. As you can see from the photos, some of them have found unusual ways of picking up leaves!
Panyaden student with leaves in mouth Panyaden School children cleaning up school yard Panyaden students picking up leaves and tidying up school yard
Panyaden student picking up dry leaves at school in Chiang Mai Panyaden student peeping through school's recycled glass in adobe wall Panyaden student picking dry leaves to help keep school yeard tidy Green activity, picking up dry leaves at Panyaden

Art, Dance and Music Classes

Art is a valuable tool of self-expression and creativity. Panyaden School encourages its students to explore their imagination through various art forms like painting, music and dancing and to integrate such creativity into other lessons and subjects.

Our Art, Dance and Music Schedule

Pre-school (nursery and kindergarten): art, dance and music classes 3 times a week;

Prathom (primary): a minimum of 1 hour each of music, dance and art each week. These subjects are also often integrated in the other subjects (for example, a science project might include drawing/painting).

Panyaden In Italian News Magazine

“un modo di vivere centrato sull’essere, non sull’avere”

“(A) way of life focused on ‘being’, not on ‘having'”

L’Espresso, a major Italian news magazine recently published a short article by Massimo Morello about our school (see below). Massimo refers to the fact that Panyaden School focuses on teaching our students to think and live creatively and independently, to care for others and the environment, and eventually creating a new class of Asian leaders who have both strong values​ and global awareness.

Afternoon Tea

Panyaden School welcomed parents to an informal get together this afternoon. Mums, dads, teachers and students shared tea and our special Austrian recipe ‘apple strudel’. It was a chance for parents to get to know their children’s teachers, chat about student activities, classroom rules and expectations and curriculum.

Bangkok Business News

Today, reporters from Bangkok Business News (Nation Multimedia Group) visited Panyaden School to meet with our Founder, Yodphet Sudsawad and School Director, Neil Amas. They wanted to find out more about our school vision, our unique education approach and bilingualism.

The reporters also interviewed Markus Roselieb and Ajahn Decha Tiengkate from Chiangmai Life Construction (CLC) on the use of bamboo and earth for the school construction.

Look out for the paper’s articles (Sunday section and Architecture insert) in about 2 weeks!