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Swimming Lessons

A Splashing Good Time!

Swimming lessons for our students started this week at Panyaden School. The children will enjoy a splashing good time playing and exercising in our pool and, most importantly, learning how to swim.

Our pool has been designed specifically as a training pool with hand rails all around to facilitate swimming lessons. We see the ability to swim as an essential life skill and our aim is that each of our students leaves school a competent swimmer.

Swimming pool built by Panyaden School

New Parents Orientation Day and Dhamma Talk

“Rather than an education system which is geared to testing and to competition and to preparing people for a particular livelihood, the emphasis of Buddhist education is on teaching children how to learn, how to enjoy learning, to love wisdom for its own sake.”

– Taan Ajahn Jayasaro

Bamboo sala by Chiangai Life Construction at Panyaden School, International English school in Chiang Mai

Saturday, 7 May, was Panyaden School’s Orientation Day for new and prospective parents. The day was designed for them to meet our teachers, key staff and spiritual advisor, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro, and to find out more about our curriculum and approach, our policies, school uniform and codes of conduct.

Panyaden Founder, Yodphet Sudsawad welcoming parents

Yodphet Sudsawad, our Founder, welcomed everyone before Neil Amas, our School Director, spoke to parents about how we can all work together as students, teachers and parents to provide our children with a well-rounded education that emphasizes the core Buddhist values of “Mindfulness (Sati), Concentration (Samadhi) and Wisdom (Panya)”. He and Operations and Liaison Manager Jettana Sangchote (‘Kru Boy’) then presented the main contents of the 2011 Panyaden School Handbook which was given out to all parents.

School Director, Neil Amas


Jettana Sangchote, Operations and Liaison Manager

Our Head Teacher, Michel Thibeault, then introduced the school curriculum which is based on the highly acclaimed International Primary Curriculum (IPC; also read blog post by Michel) before opening up the floor to the parents for a question and answer session.

Later in the day, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro gave a talk and answered questions on Buddhism and education (video links:; and ).

Michel Thibeault Talking About IPC
Taan Ajahn Jayasaro

If you would like to know more about the specifics of our school philosophy and education approach or to speak at length with our School Director and Head Teacher, please contact our office at tel: 053-441460 or email:


The End Of Summer School 2011

Student from English International School in Chiang Mai

6 May was our last day of Summer School, ‘Love the Earth’. More than 60 students explored and experienced through hands-on learning the key elements of nature and how to care for them.

Spending a week each on earth, air, water, trees, and how to care for the planet, students participated in activities like planting flowers, clay moulding, and kite design and learned about recycling and re-using objects found in daily life. And of course, they made lots of new friends! Enjoy the photos below.

International students lining up at Panyaden School, English School in Chiang Mai Nursery student from English school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School

English school in chiang mai students and teacher Panyaden English school student at play in bamboo sala Panyaden Internation school student

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