Social Contribution Week

October 10, 2019By adminPYD Action now 301 Comments

Giving without any expectations.   Social Contribution Week is where all Panyaden students are involved in social and environmentally friendly activities, from planting trees to picking up trash on hiking trails and visiting the elderly. The students learn and understand the act of generosity, the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return, and … Read More

Learning Tips from Kru Michel: Reading

October 10, 2019By adminLearning Tips

Learning Tips from Kru Michel: Reading You probably know that reading to your children 10 minutes every day is more beneficial than reading one hour twice a week. But did you know that accepting to read to your child the same book over and over is supporting his/her reading skills? When the child has memorized … Read More

Panyaden 12 Wise Habits: Mattanuta

October 1, 2019By PYDschool12 Wise Habits, Featured Posts

Mattannuta (pronounced ma-tan-yoo-ta มัตตัญญุตา) means ‘knowing the right amount.’ When practised, it helps us achieve a healthy balance in life. It is the quality of understanding that, whatever goals we set ourselves, there is an optimum amount of material and non-material things that we need. It is the ability to assess what is enough, and … Read More