Here is a different set of 12 habits: Tips to help you make the best of the holiday time.

1. Practice empathy.
As Prah Ajahn Amarro pointed out, we only see reality from a very limited perspective. When you encounter who is having a bad day, try to put yourself in their shoes.

2. Smile more.
Thai people know this: the easiest way to establish a connection is to genuinely smile when you make eye contact with someone. During the mad rush of the holidays, be aware and intentional about your opportunities to smile more.

3. Shop mindfully.
According to the Green Card Association, 7 billion greetings cards are purchased and sent each year – in the United States alone… Why not send an e-card instead? Present wrapping also has a major impact on our forest. Why not gift wrap in a reusable bag? Two presents in one!

4. Unplug.
This holiday, make your out-of-office message a true statement. Unplug and seriously don’t check your email. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Read. Read. Read.

5. Move your body.
Walking is accessible to all, doesn’t cost anything, helps our body relax and clear our mind. Challenge yourself to a daily walk! You may of course also go for a more intense adrenaline pumping activity. Whatever you choose, make sure you move!

6. Eat smaller portions.
With all of the treats that are served during the holidays, it can be all too easy to overindulge. Pace yourself by being mindful about what you eat. It’s easier to eat smaller portions when we use a smaller plate!

7. Breathe more.
All of the stimuli of the holiday season can easily put you in a mode of constant stress. Allow yourself a few minutes of meditation every day.

8. Transformative listening.
During the holidays, you regularly end up spending time with people you don’t see or talk with very often. Be mindful of the chances to listen without an agenda and be fully present.

9. Get your sleep.
The laws of good health and well-being are not magically suspended during the holidays. 95% of people need at least seven hours of sleep a night to be fully effective and healthy. Get your sleep to be the healthiest, happiest and most engaging version of you.

10. Notice the joy.
Look for and pay attention to the joy that is the very essence of the holiday season. If you’re not finding any, why not create some for others? You’re bound to see it then.

11. Be kind.
Sharing kindness and love is really the point of it all, isn’t it? Practice random and non-random acts of kindness.

12. Be grateful.
Make it a daily morning and evening practice to stop and think about 10 things you feel grateful for. It’s hard to be miserable when we realise we have so much!

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