Panyaden Gold IDA Award

May 27, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Green School

Panyaden Bamboo Sports Hall wins 2 Golds from IDA We are happy to announce that Panyaden’s eco-friendly Bamboo Sports Halls has won another award! This time it’s two Golds for Sustainable Living/Green Architecture and for Architecture (Institutional) from IDA, International Design Awards at their 11th annual awards. Congratulations to our architects and designers from Chiangmai … Read More

Panyaden Y4 Learning

May 25, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Learning to love learning Panyaden Year 4 visit a cacao farm How do you get kids interested in learning? By talking about what they like! Panyaden Year 4 (Y4) went to a cacao farm in Lampang to learn about the factors affecting the growth of cacao trees and the process of making chocolate from beans … Read More

Teaching Children Responsibility

May 18, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Live and Learn Responsibility and how to teach it by Neil Amas, Panyaden School Director When we see that our child is not being responsible, we can easily forget that children actually love to feel responsible! Most young children feel very proud when they have helped mum or dad. But that often seems to change … Read More

Self-Sufficiency Farming

May 13, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Green School

Following in King Rama IX’s Footsteps Self-Sufficiency Farming Philosophy Inspired by King Rama IX’s approach to self-sufficiency farming, Panyaden International students tend to the vegetables they have been growing and collect eggs in the morning. Nong Prompt, Y4 and Nong Somchai, Year 5, are such keen gardeners they don’t need reminding to water and tend … Read More

Panyaden Expansion

May 9, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Upcoming Activities

Panyaden Expanding to Secondary School Many of you have asked for it. We have listened and have an exciting announcement for you and other families who believe in the benefits of the Panyaden learning experience. Today we proudly confirm that Panyaden will offer secondary education starting in the academic year of 2019. Read more below…

Panyaden Y6 Ancient Cultures

May 9, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Y6 field trip to learn about ancient cultures As part of their study of the Islamic Empire and other ancient cultures, Panyaden Year 6 (Y6) students went on a field trip to visit the ruins at Wiang Kum Kang and a Chiang Mai mosque so they could learn first hand about the proper etiquette and … Read More

CNN features Panyaden

May 9, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Green School

CNN features Panyaden in news report Panyaden’s eco-design school is featured in a new report by CNN. As exemplified by the school’s rammed earth walls and bamboo architecture, the reprisal of old — sometimes ancient — building materials and techniques could be crucial for future sustainability, the report says. The global production of cement is … Read More

Panyaden Poetry Evening

May 2, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Young bards wow the audience! Panyaden Year 2-7 students impressed their parents and teachers with recitals, readings and self-penned compositions at the school’s annual Poetry Evening. Reading out poems in both English and Thai (and the odd one in French or Russian!), student work was accompanied by some choice contributions by parents and teachers. The … Read More

Panyaden Reading Day 2018

May 1, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

We love reading! To celebrate and encourage our students’ love of reading, Panyaden’s annual Reading Day featured many fun activities including a skit by Year 7 about creative storytelling, ‘buddy reading’ where Y4-7 read to their young friends in Nursery up to Year 3, in-class student-to-student book recommendations and favourite storytelling by volunteer parents. A … Read More