Kru Fern Teacher Spotlight in Panyaden newsletter issue 32

Panyaden Teacher Spotlight

from Panyaden Newsletter Issue 32

Kru Fern, Year 1 Ladybirds Homeroom Teacher

In Issue 32 of Panyaden Newsletter, we profile Kru Fern who shares with us her teaching strategy and what she loves most about teaching at Panyaden.

“Teaching is a fascinating profession because it lays the foundations for people’s future learning. I am proud to see the children grow up,” says Kru Fern, Panyaden’s Year 1 Ladybirds homeroom teacher.

“Before joining Panyaden, I mainly taught students on a one-on-one basis, so being a homeroom teacher is both interesting and challenging for me because I have to manage the whole classroom. I have to continue developing my teaching skills and to be more creative in class.

“My teaching strategy is more like an experimental method. For example, when using games in classrooms, we have to observe how students react and judge if the games are suitable for their learning level or not. So we always have to be ready and have a plan B in mind.

“The most impressive thing as a teacher at Panyaden is when I teach the Thai language to non-Thai students and they are able to communicate in Thai within a few months – reading, writing and speaking. First of all, it is important to teach students positive attitudes and the value of studying Thai. Then, use teaching materials to help their learning such as games, and visual aids. Next, show them how to use Thai in their everyday lives.

“My goal is to continue being a good teacher and looking out for interesting and creative ways to inspire my students to learn and love the Thai language.”

Kru Fern also loves the unique natural environment and green architecture at Panyaden.

Read the article in Thai here in the Panyaden Newsletter, Jan/Feb ’18, Issue 32.