Panyaden Year 7 (Y7) students rock climbing

Y7 Rock Climbing

Overcoming Physical and Mental Challenges

It was scary but we did it! Panyaden’s Year 7 students overcame a real physical and mental challenge at ‘Crazy Horse Buttress’ in Mae On District. For many, it was their first time rock climbing. What stood out was the camaraderie and encouragement between them as the students helped each other to overcome their fears. See more photos in Panyaden Y7 Field Trips on the School Blog gallery and on our Facebook page.

Panyaden Y7 rock climbing - head teacher showing students the ropes Panyaden Y7 rock climbing - student gets ready to climb Panyaden Y7 rock climbing - head teacher with studentPanyaden Y7 rock climbing - teacher with student Climbing higher! Panyaden Y7 student rock climbing