Panyaden My Project and Expert Programme - a joyous celebration

My Project/Expert Programme Term 1 Celebrations

A joyous celebration of creativity and passion! Last Friday, Panyaden’s primary students presented their independent My Projects and Expert Programme including computer animation, art, making healthy natural products, sewing, Super Science experiments, and a catchy sneak preview of their upcoming Mary Poppins musical to be staged next year. The students’ team efforts, energy and enthusiasm had everyone joining in the fun!

Panyaden My Project and Expert Programme celebration at school Panyaden My Project celebration - student shows mum how to sew a pom pom Panyaden student demonstrating his project to his parents during My Project/Expert Programme celebration 2017

Traditional telephone game - Panyaden My Project celebrationPanyaden Expert Programme celebration - computer animation demostration by student Fun day - Panyaden My Project/Expert Programme celebration

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