Panyaden Anuban Budding Day - a celebration of learning

Nursery to Year 2 Budding Day

A Celebration of Learning

14 Dec​ ​(Nursery, K1 Caterpillars, K2, 8.30-10am; Y1 Dragonflies, 2.30-3.45pm​) and

15 Dec (K1Butterflies, 8.30-10am; Y1​ ​Ladybirds, 2.30-3.45pm​)​

This is our Budding Day announcement for Panyaden parents. Let’s celebrate learning together!​ ​Panyaden’s Nursery to Year 1 primary students​ ​will present ​parents with highlights of their learning this term.​ ​This is not only a great opportunity for our parents to find out directly from their kids what they’ve been learning this term, but also to help students gain confidence and reinforce what they know by playing the role of ‘teacher’ to their mums and dads. We look forward to seeing you! Please contact the school office if you need more information.