Father's Day 2017 celebrations at Panyaden

Happy Father’s Day!

Panyaden celebrates Father’s Day 2017

We love Dad! Today on Thailand’s Father’s Day, we remember the birth of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and express our thanks and gratitude to all our granddads, dads, brothers, uncles and other important father figures in our lives. Some of our dads dropped by Panyaden yesterday to lead our little ones from Early Years in science, art and other fun activities including how to skateboard safely while our Primary student representatives dedicated heartfelt essays to fathers. Thank you also to the school band for your music tributes and to the staff who put up a lovely display of father-child photos contributed by our parents. Happy Father’s Day!

Panyaden father and child on Father's Day Father's Day performance at Panyaden Father's Day 2017 at Panyaden. Student skateboarding display.

Father's Day 2017 at Panyaden - essay reading by primary students Father's Day at Panyaden - school band's music tribute Father's Day at Panyaden. Parents admiring father-child photo display at school.

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