Rebuilding Panyaden - Austrian team from San Real Bau Gmbh Austria to help us with the rebuilding. helping with repairs of campus

Flood at School Update 7

Rebuilding Panyaden, Flood Prevention, Financial Security

This is an update to the Panyaden school community on the rebuilding Panyaden efforts, on future flood prevention and on the school’s financial situation.

Rebuilding efforts

Rebuilding and repairing of the campus is proceeding well and more smoothly than expected due to the great help we have received from the whole community, including local and foreign businesses, benefactors and over 30 workers from CLC. We are on target and Panyaden will re-open in January at our normal location.

Preventing floods in the future

We are implementing a number of initiatives that will ensure the school is safe from future flooding.

Initiatives we can influence

1. We are liaising with local authorities that manage upstream releases of water and trying to achieve a strategy that better distributes released water and reduces potential impact on the school and our local area. We are also looking to achieve better communication when such releases are planned.

Initiatives we can control

2. We will reinforce and increase the height and strength of our earthen dams between the rice field and the school (the area behind the small football pitch and swimming pool), which is where the water entered the campus. This by itself should ensure we are never flooded again.

3. We are currently protecting the walls of all school buildings with a water resistant render. This will ensure significantly less damage in the unlikely event there is another flood.

4. A parent has kindly offered to install a school early flood warning system which would monitor surrounding water levels and local weather patterns so that we are well prepared in advance of any potential flooding in the area.

We will keep you updated on these issues as they progress.

Panyaden rebuilding - Austrian construction team sent to help with repairs of campus Panyaden rebuilding - Austrian team helping with repairs New rammed earth floor for Panyaden

Financial situation

Some parents have expressed concerns that the losses incurred as a result of the flood might make it difficult for the school to continue. Because of the great response of the school community and the ongoing support of the school’s main financial partner, we would like to reassure families that the future of Panyaden is secure. The donations, not only of cash but also of skills (we have recently been sent a crew of skilled construction workers from San Real Bau Gmbh Austria to help us with the rebuilding. helping with repairs of campus), building materials and supplies have helped to lessen the overall rebuilding costs. With this and loans from our main partner, Panyaden will most definitely continue. Continued support from the community will reduce the need for further loans and the enduring burden they bring and we greatly appreciate the ongoing efforts of our community members. Every baht donated really helps.

(Please see information on how to donate to the Panyaden’s Flood Relief here.)

Meet the School Founders

To hear more about the rebuilding effort and financial health of the school, we invite you to meet the founders at 11am on Saturday November 18th at Panyaden Assembly Hall. Khun Tik and Khun Mark will update you on developments and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you there.

We would like to restate our sincere gratitude for your support for the school during this period. The manner in which the community has pulled together is truly inspiring. More than ever before, we understand the importance of seeing that our very unique school survives and prospers.