Panyaden classroom after the flash floods
Flood at School Update 3

We have been overwhelmed with the support from our school and local community these last three days. Teachers have been here every day, all day, carrying, cleaning, salvaging. Many parents have come in, bringing furniture from the classrooms, hosing it down, bringing food and water. We have also had help from the local district authorities, who brought clean water for cleaning, and groups of 20-30 soldiers, who have provided some much needed muscle. There have been tears and laughter, but most of all there’s been a great team spirit.

Current Situation

The assembly hall and canteen have been cleaned. Both have come through the flood quite well and this gave us all a lift today. We are continuing to empty all the classrooms and of-fices so that repairs can begin next week. Furniture is being cleaned and will be stored in a local warehouse. Teaching materials and library books are being stored everywhere from teachers’ houses to the principal’s living room! We have saved about 30% of our teaching materials and around 70% of our furniture is OK, the rest needing repairing or throwing out. Most of the electrics are damaged, but we are still assessing this.

Parents help to clean up, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Student and staff Parents help to clean up, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Muddy cameras, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Muddy office, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Panyaden flash flood cleanup day 3

When will school open again?

We have found some temporary premises not too far from school (in the area behind Kad Farang). We will open again on November 6th, one week after the half term break. We will let parents know the exact details of the location and more about the premises over the next few days.

How will my child catch up?

On Monday, the teachers will start preparing activities that can be done at home during next week and the week after half term. We will be looking at different ways in which we can make sure your child keeps up with his or her learning during this time. Please bear with us as we get some plans together. More than anything, our aim is to make sure the interruption to the children’s learning is kept to a minimum. We are sorry for the extra burden and incon-venience this may place upon families, and really appreciate your patience and support.

How parents can help with the clean up

Parents who wish to help with the clean up are invited to come to school again tomorrow, any time from 8:30am. As with today, the main areas of assistance will be:
1) Collecting rubbish (please bring garbage bags)
2) Cleaning furniture and materials
3) Providing refreshments and lunch for the volunteers

Any parents who would like to help, please email Kru Boy at so that we can organize groups. We recommend you bring rubber boots and gloves. I’m afraid we still do not consider it safe for children as the grounds are very muddy. Please park at the beginning of the school lane near the water tank and car pool if possible – we have very lim-ited space. We really appreciate your help.

Parents Meeting on Monday

We would like to invite parents and carers to a school community meeting on Monday af-ternoon at 3.30 pm. At that meeting we will be sharing any new information with you and presenting plans for the upcoming period. The meeting will be at our temporary office at Chiangmai Life Construction Company Limited 326 Thanon Kan Klong, Nong Kwai, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230.

Funding appeal

We will need a significant amount of funding to get the school back on its feet. Our school insurance covers a maximum of THB 5 million and we do not yet know how much of this we will actually get. This may seem a small amount, but the fact is that most insurance companies do not want to insure earth and bamboo buildings and even this limited cover was hard to find. Panyaden was built to provide children with an education in a natural environment. This is at the core of our vision and the school firmly believes that an environment which provides children with a model of a sustainable future is worth building, regardless of the obstacles presented to us.

We have also set up two appeals funds, one is for online donations from the global community, the other is via local bank transfer through the Siam Commercial Bank. We kindly ask you to share these with your contacts or via social media. Thank you.

Online donations (global):

Bank transfer (local):
Account name: Panyaden Co., Ltd.
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank (Big C Hangdong Branch) Account type: Saving
Account number: 402-274-0923
Swift code: SICOTHBK

On behalf of everyone at school, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuing support. Every kind word and gesture motivates the school community to keep working to overcome this challenge. We are so sorry that this has happened, but we are fully committed to getting Panyaden back on its feet for the benefit of our children.