Panyaden’s Temporary Site

October 31, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Panyaden’s new temporary school site with the signage kindly sponsored by Khun Saifon and Kelvin, parents of Nong Charlotte (Y3) and Nong Sean (K2 Honey Bees). Thank you, couldn’t do it without you ❤️. Find our temporary school site on Google Maps or click the maps below for a larger view or to download. P  

Flood Update 5

October 24, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Flood at School Update 5 Current Situation We are now waiting for the school buildings to be thoroughly dried out before beginning repairs and renovation. Meanwhile the site is being prepared and salvaged furniture, equipment and teaching materials have been moved to storage and divided into the items we will take to the temporary campus … Read More

Panyaden Fundraiser 1

October 22, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Rebuilding Panyaden Fundraiser Panyaden held a fundraiser at Baan Kang Wat’s secondhand goods market over the weekend to raise money for our school repairs after the recent flash floods. A big thank you to all who set up the stalls and worked so hard at selling the goods, and to you who came out to … Read More

Students Rebuild Panyaden

October 20, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

All For One and One For All Year 4-7 students came to school today to help with the Rebuild Panyaden effort. We started by asking for their reflections on what had happened and what opportunities come from difficult situations. Then we got to work! First, picking up any remaining rubbish left behind by the flood, … Read More

Panyaden Flood Appeals

October 19, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Flood Appeals Rebuilding Panyaden. How can you help? Thank you for wanting to help us rebuild our school. Please click on one of the links below to access a list of things that we need: Priority list, urgently needed by October 30, 2017 Long term list, needed by January 4,2017 Ideas and suggestions Facebook Updates … Read More

ISCN Donations

October 19, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Feeling grateful. International Schools Circle of the North (ISCN) and some international schools in Chiang Mai (Grace International School, Lanna International School, Asia Pacific International School, Chiang Mai International School, Nakornpayap International School, Hana Christian International Kindergarten, Prem Tinsulanonda International School and Christian German School, Singapore International School Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai International Christian School) … Read More

Community Meeting Q&A

October 18, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Panyaden School Community Meeting Questions & Answers led by Head Teachers, Kru Dokmai and Michel What do I tell my kids? After last week’s flood, Panyaden’s Head Teachers share advice with parents on how to break difficult news to their children. The School is flooded! What am I going to tell my child? When I … Read More

Panyaden School Community Meeting

October 18, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Panyaden School Community Meeting Flood Update: Summary of our school community meeting held on 16 October, 2017 Panyaden International School founder, Yodphet Sudsawad, expressed her deep gratitude for all the support from families. She emphasized that despite the challenges we face because of the flood, the education of our children remains our first priority. Here’s … Read More

Flood Update at School 4

October 15, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Flood Update at School 4 Today was another day of great team work and effort at Panyaden. Teachers, parents, soldiers, construction workers, all worked together to empty the buildings and clean furniture and equipment. A huge thank you to everyone. Current Situation All the buildings at school have now been emptied. The furniture, equipment and … Read More

Flood at School Update 3

October 14, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Flood at School Update 3 We have been overwhelmed with the support from our school and local community these last three days. Teachers have been here every day, all day, carrying, cleaning, salvaging. Many parents have come in, bringing furniture from the classrooms, hosing it down, bringing food and water. We have also had help … Read More