Panyaden rice planting day 2017

Panyaden Rice Planting Day

Time to get muddy! The Panyaden community getting their hands dirty for our annual rice growing project. Experiencing the process of rice cultivation first hand is a rich learning experience. The life cycle of the rice plant, rice production in Thailand, the work of a farmer, perseverance, resilience and, of course, lots of fun! Life skills at Panyaden.

Panyaden community get together for the school's rice growing project Panyaden pre-schookl children get ready for rice planting Teacher gives rice seedling to student, Panyaden rice planting day

Students planting rice seedlings, Panyaden Rice Planting Day Father and daughter planting rice, Panyaden Rice Planting Day DHappy students dancing in the mud, Panyaden Rice Planting Day

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