Panyaden International School Blossom Market 2017 - balloons!

Post-show Celebrations at Panyaden Blossom Market

Panyaden parents mingle with the performers and teachers at our Blossom Market after the fabulous show put up by our students. There were lots of food, drink, music and a wide range of handicrafts made by the students themselves. Visitors made magic crystal bracelets and their own herbal tea, tasted delicious Piggy Nutella and bought environmentally-friendly beeswax food wraps. All donations and net proceeds from market sales go to this year’s chosen charity, Always Reading Caravan in Phrao. Thank you all for your hard work and generosity!

Panyaden band entertaining guests to music during Blossom Market Panyaden student and teacher enjoy a picnic at Blossom Market Panyaden International School Director chatting with parents, Blossom Market Panyaden student manning stall at Panyaden Blossom Market Panyaden teachers at school's Blossom Day Market

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