Live and Learn: Screen Time For Your Child

March 24, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Screen time: is it bad for your child? by Panyaden International School Head Teacher, Michel Thibeault If you thought too much time playing video games, surfing the Internet or sharing on Facebook could negatively affect people, well, you are right! In fact, the negative effect has been so well documented that compulsive internet use has … Read More

Panyaden Kindergarten Festival of Learning

March 22, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Fun Festival of Learning at Panyaden Sharing, exploring and learning together.Sharing, exploring and learning together. Panyaden’s preschoolers enjoy a variety of nature-inspired art and creative recycling activities at our mixed-age kindergarten Festival of Learning. Check out the photos in Panyaden’s Kindergarten Festival of Learning image gallery.

Panyaden Youth Theatre: Seussical The Musical

March 21, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Panyaden Youth Theatre performs ‘Seussical’ The Musical What a treat! Panyaden Youth Theatre presented its first ever public production of ‘Seussical’ The Musical on Friday. It was also the school’s first ever full-length musical. The students worked really hard over the last few weeks and were clearly excited portraying the colourful characters in this wacky musical … Read More

Panyaden Youth Theatre Presents

March 13, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Upcoming Activities

Panyaden Youth Theatre presents it’s first ever production of ‘Suessical’ The Musical The show by Panyaden student Youth Theatre is about a young boy named Jojo who has been thinking too much and a brave Elephant that has to save a tiny world that lives on a speck of dust! The students have been working … Read More

Panyaden Social Contribution Day 2017

March 6, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Panyaden students gives back to the Chiang Mai community In the spirit of giving back to our community during Panyaden’s annual Social Contribution Day on 2 March 2017, Year 3 and 6 students hiked up Huay Kaew Waterfall to clear garbage left behind by picnickers. The cool, clear waters of the waterfall were an added … Read More