Jula Khatina in Chiang Rai

START: October 28, 2017, time tbc
END: October 29, 2017, time tbc
PYD, Chiangmai 50230 Thailand
This year Panyaden will be joining the Jula Kathina ceremony at Venerable Ajahn Jiew’s temple in Chiang Rai, Wat Pah Yen Boon, at the end of the rains retreat. Jula Kathina is a beautiful and important annual Buddhist observance that relies on the cooperation and goodwill of the local community. It is a time for lay people to offer cloth for robes to monks after the end of the rains retreat. As the Panyaden school community is part of temple’s sangha, we would like to encourage families to join us for this special event, which takes place during the second weekend of the half-term break. More details to follow.