Feb 152017

Helping each other at school. Panyaden’s Year 6/7 students play a game with Year 5 to help their younger friends learn about fractions.

Panyaden Maths Buddies
Feb 142017

Developing fine motor skills Panyaden International School Kindergarten 2 Butterflies’ outdoor weaving class. This is part of the school’s curriculum to help children develop their fine motor skills through arts and crafts.

Panyaden Kindergarten 2 Weaving Class
Feb 032017

Panyaden’s pre-schoolers put up an entertaining show for teachers, parents and friends at the end of their study unit on well-being and animals. Lots of fun art, dioramas of African animals in their habitat, paper masks of animal faces, songs, butterfly costumes and dances. A lovely way to celebrate learning! Lots more photos here on […]

Panyaden Pre-school Show
Jan 182017

Panyaden Year 6/7 Life Skills class. Students plant vegetables after our rice harvest. Crop rotation is a great way to maintain soil health and organic nutrients. See photos here: Panyaden Life Skills Programme: Year 6/7

Panyaden Life Skills Programme: Year 6/7
Jan 052017

Thank you! Panyaden International School primary students show their appreciation to the school’s support staff for all they do for us. Gardeners, caretakers, administration staff…. all received New Year gifts, cards and even a shoulder massage! Click here for above Panyaden Giving Week (Year 1-7) photos.

Panyaden Giving Week 2016: Year 1-7
Dec 132016

Learning through teaching Panyaden Budding Day 2016. Our primary students show their parents what they have learned this term by teaching them how to solve maths problems, how to dance, about the different types of electrical circuits….and much, much more. Budding Day not only celebrates what students have learned in Term 1, it also provides […]

Panyaden Year 1-7 Primary School Budding Day