Oct 022017

Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 ceremony - student presents paan to head teacher

Panyaden Honours Teachers

Wai Kru Day Ceremony

We our teachers! Panyaden parents and students contributed flowers, which the latter used to make a ‘paan’ (flower cones made from banana leaves) each to present to their teachers during the Wai Kru Day (Respect for Teachers Day) ceremony, a meaningful way of formally saying thank you to our teachers and to honour them for their hard work and guidance.

Traditionally, ‘dok makua’ (eggplant flower), ‘dok khem’ (ixora) and ‘yapraek’ (Bermuda grass) are the flowers used for the ‘paan’. See photos of our students making the floral arrangements the day before the ceremony here on our blog.

Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 - Head teachers and School Director with their paan presented by students Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 - students paying respects in the school bamboo Sports Hall Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 ceremony - hugs and flowers for teachers Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 ceremony - teacher thanks student for flower gift Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 ceremony - Panyaden teacher thanks student for flower gift

Click here to see more photos of Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017. Photos below: Preparing for Wai Kru Day (making flower arrangements):

Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 preparation - Panyaden teachers help students in making flower arrangements Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 preparation - Panyaden primary students cutting up banana leaves for flowers Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 preparation - Happy students with banana leave  Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 preparation - students making floral arrangements Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2017 preparation - We are ready!

Sep 262017

Getting Better or Being The Best? Why tracking student progress tells us more than final scores By Neil Amas, Panyaden International School Director First, the good news. Panyaden students are, as a whole, doing very well academically and we have the data to prove it (see charts below)! Our 2016 results in Maths and English […]

Live and Learn: Tracking Student Progress
Sep 112017

It’s ‘My Project’! Panyaden’s Self-directed Learning Programme Panyaden’s primary students spent time after school last week brainstorming ideas for their self-directed learning programme, ‘My Project’. This programme is an opportunity for our students to work independently on projects of their choosing. Our main goal is to nurture their passion and creativity, allowing them in the […]

Panyaden 'My Project' 2017
Jun 122017

Who makes the rules? We do! By fully involving Panyaden International School students in making agreements, whether in the classroom, at the swimming pool or at home, we encourage a sense of personal responsibility towards them. Click to see more photos of Panyaden Year 6/7 making swimming pool rules signboards.  

Cultivating Responsibility at Panyaden
Jun 122017

Panyaden’s Year 3 working on that essential water safety skill during their weekly Physical Education class: how to float.

Panyaden Year 3 Water Safety
May 302017

Alien Invasion! Panyaden Kindergarten 1 learns about space Thread, cloth, balloons, googly eyes…let the imagination do the rest. Panyaden Kindergarten 1 (K1) kids create aliens as part of their learning unit on space. See the video below. Individual photos are here in Panyaden’s image gallery.

Panyaden Kindergarten 1 Unit
May 302017

Panyaden Celebrates My Project Term 2 We did it! Composing songs, making little notebooks, mosaics, and toys, filming and editing a documentary, cooking and baking, weaving, creating fun games and more….Panyaden parents, friends and staff enjoy a creative showcase featuring projects by our primary students who have worked hard in planning, designing, making and completing […]

Panyaden My Project Celebration
May 292017

A School of Fish Swimming is one of the best sports for overall fitness. Low-stress, maintains healthy body weight, improves lung capacity, and builds muscles, all in addition to burning calories. Panyaden’s Year 6/7 show you how at local swimming pool.  

Panyaden Year 6/7 Swimming Class
May 182017

Love Reading! Panyaden is celebrating our school’s annual Reading Day with stories read by parents in English and Thai, multi-class silent reading and a student-led skit about characters from famous stories. Poetry Evening to follow after school. We love books! Click here for more photos of Panyaden Reading Day 2017.

Panyaden Reading Day 2017
May 162017

Year 1 Exhibition Unit Panyaden Year 1 budding artists use their imagination to create their own colourful depictions of reptiles and lizards to be put up for display in their classroom. Click here to see the photos on Panyaden’s image gallery.

Panyaden Year 1 Exhibition Unit