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Dhamma Talk for Parents and Teachers @Panyaden

Dhamma Talk for Parents and Teachers @Panyaden

Dhamma talk with Venerable Ajahn Sundara (for parents and teachers) Panyaden School Assembly Hall, Friday, 27 February 2015, 9:00-10:00am

Instilling a love for the environment

Instilling a love for the environment

Our Prathom 1 students learn to separate waste that can be recycled, reused or properly disposed of, into the correct bins placed around our school. Doing this also helps remind them to reduce or prevent waste.

Prathom 1-2 Mindfulness Activity

Prathom 1-2 Mindfulness Activity

Carefully does it…. In today’s mindfulness activity, Prathom 1-2 students needed to use all their concentration powers as they carefully and quietly lifted coloured balls onto bottle tops using chopsticks. Click here for more photos on the blog.

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